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Earsavers provide comfort to mask-wearers by taking off the pressure caused by ear loops.


Our leather earsavers are reversible, featuring a different color per side. They come with multiple snaps for adjustment. Longest size option is 7", shortest is 5". They can also be worn as bracelets so you don't lose them in between use!


Available in nine color combinations:

white & brown

black & brown


red & black

orange & black

yellow & black

green & brown

blue & black

violet & brown

Leather Earsavers

  • Made with full grain cow nappa and crazyhorse cowhide leather. To clean, wipe with damp cloth and mild soap. 

    As leather is a natural material, expect its patina to show after continued use. Because each of our products is 100% handcrafted, no two items are completely the same. Please allow for variations in color and markings among items.

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