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Christmas Gift Bundles Now Available!

Christmas 2020 will be unlike any other holiday we've celebrated in our lifetime. Here's a thoughtful gift idea: new norm essentials that say, 'Hi, I care for you.' A face mask, alco-holder, mask pouch, and earsavers -- we've bundled up some of our bestsellers to make Christmas shopping safer and easier for you!

COMFORT & JOY Christmas Gift Bundles:

Box A contains 1 leather mask and 1 spray bottle holder. Choose from any of our standard masks and select the color of the spray bottle holder. Separately, these are valued at P2,549. Save P149, and we'll even deliver it to your recipient for free!* It comes with a gift box, personalized note, and leather gift tag which your special someone can use as a bookmark or luggage accessory after.

Box B contains 1 leather earsaver, 1 spray bottle holder, and 1 leather pouch (which can be used as a mask holder!) Valued at P1400, we're bundling it all for P1,250. Also comes with a gift box, personalized note, and leather gift tag.

*FREE NATIONWIDE SHIPPING. Order your boxes now, and we'll send them in time for Christmas! We're scheduling deliveries starting December 12 to save on cost and carbon footprint. Our Comfort & Joy Christmas Gift Bundles are available now until Dec. 31.

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