About Us

Attique is a local workshop based in Antipolo, Philippines. Our "little shop in the attic" was launched as a livelihood project for a group of live events industry workers displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic. These men are skilled workers--painters, carpenters, masons, artists, and welders who have staged some of the biggest concerts and shows in the country. 


With the live events industry put on hold indefinitely, we decided to pivot our guys' skillsets towards making unique, handcrafted items. The pandemic may have put their livelihood on hold, but not their talent and passion to create beautiful things.


Attique exists because we put our faith in our "attic dwellers," as we'd like to call them, just as they trust us to lead them through this unfamiliar path.

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Our Design Philosophy

All our products are mindfully designed and fully handcrafted. We use locally sourced raw materials and ensure premium craftsmanship. We draw inspiration from the randomness of nature's grain, through its ebbs and curves, between chaos and order. We strive to achieve a golden balance of form and function so each of our designs can find a place in everyday life.

Transcend the vogues of high and low. Be timeless between then and now. Unique and yet familiar. This is us and what we aim to deliver.