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Celebrating love, in all its wonderful and colorful forms. The Pride mask is made with top-grain cowhide leather in rainbow colors. It features a back pocket for filters/inserts.


Fully hand-stitched and hand-tooled.

Comes with 5 washable inserts (2mm felt cloth between a layer of polypropylene fabric)


Size: 12.5 x 12cm length/width

PRIDE Leather Mask

  • Made with full grain cowhide leather. Comes with seven sets of washable inserts (2mm felt cloth layered in polypropylene fabric). To clean, wipe with damp cloth and mild soap. Apply leather conditioner occasionally to prevent dryness.

    As leather is a natural material, expect its patina to show after continued use. Because each of our products is 100% handcrafted, no two items are completely the same. Please allow for variations in color and markings among items.

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